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JKT Foods participated in Interzoo exhibition in May 2010.
Company Profile

JKT Foods Europe BV is a trading company based in The Netherlands with its head office in India and branch in UK. It is a family owned company.

It mainly focus on 3 main industry ie Bakery Ingredients, Peanuts Snack & Bird Food Industry. The initial objective of JKT was and is managing each activity in the supply chain management of our product, adding value to our product & offering better services to customer.

India is rich in agriculture, especially sesame and peanuts are the most produced in India. Having our Head office & processing centre in India, we have special sourcing strengths. We control our quality at origin , hence our customers in Europe and worldwide, save on cost & trouble.

We believe that Quality always wins therefore we have a special team of horticulturists which conducts research before every harvest. This research is concerning information on use of pesticides , insecticides and Fertilizer on location: area wise, district wise & state wise. There is also research conducted on Pre & Post harvest technologies; these studies are based on field research crop for Quantity & Quality forecasts. Complete traceability & Quality is strictly monitored to maintain the desired quality.

Our Indian office has 30000 square meters warehouse with a fully automatic plant for peanuts processing and a separate plant for sesame seeds processing including hulling and an in house laboratory which is ISO 22000:2005 & ISO 9001:2000 certified.

We do not only supply Indian products but we also supply products with other origin, we supply the best competitive product.

Our services not only covers the quality of the products we supply but, just as importantly, includes provision of detailed market information and price projections. Enabling our clients to plan procurement and price forecasts, both of which are desirable in ingredient sourcing. Correct assessment and the provision of up to date information in all the markets are vital and highly valued strengths of the service we provide.

We offer our customer reliability, flexibility and constant service with a competitive edge. Specially our presence in The Netherlands gives us the ideal location to be able to serve the whole European market without delay, thereby achieving customer satisfaction.

We can offer our customer options if they need the goods from origin either full container or mix of few items or, from EU on pallets or Full truck load .We are highly competitive and we always have the best prices in the market as we by pass many channels a normal importer has.