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JKT Foods participated in Interzoo exhibition in May 2010.

JKT has special team of Horticulturist who carry on Research .This research gathers information area wise, district wise & state wise, required to make quality decision on purchasing. The complete chain is traceable till the farm levels to assure premium quality.

JKT has a modern and well-equipped laboratories where the physical and chemical product's properties are determined. In addition, successfully audits have been made by important international companies and by External Auditors.

In the laboratories the physical and chemical properties of the peanut and or seeds are checked once it arrives from the farm, focus lies during the selection process and on the batches when they are ready to be exported.

JKT also has HPLC equipments for alfatoxines detection, with which they have successfully been part of the inter-laboratory Proficiency Test in Peanut Alfatoxines. Also we have machines dedicated to microbiological analysis for the final product testing.

Apart from testing in our lab also our own lab, our porduct are aslo tested by external lab like SGS before shipment is loaded for export . All consignments have their complete traceability till farm levels.

Lab Testing